We are Going NUTS Around Here!

The annual NUTS softball tournament came to Niamey and the dorm had it’s first-ever team: the Refugees! Here are pictures I took of the Pep Rally at school and the tournament. I only have a little point-&-shoot camera so definitely not professional quality, but at least you get the idea!












































Link to an Update!

Here is a link CLICK HERE to see a recent update I posted on our family’s blog, including pictures from our flood and move to the new dorm!

(Soon I will add to this blogsite the pictures taken at the annual NUTS softball tournament!)

Merci for your patience as I get used to this technology!


Snapshots of our first week together!

We are in full swing in the Sahel Dorm now! Everyone has arrived, we’ve broken more than a few things around the dorm, had a late-night rescue on our first outing together, celebrated our first birthday of the year (yay Daniel!), played frisbee, softball, basketball, ping pong, foosball, scrabble, bananagrams, settlers, legos … I’d say it has been a pretty exciting start for this dorm family! Our “family meetings” are helping us iron out the important policies for this year, and our dorm devotions are simple and in the Word. Here are some pictures of our first week and half — enjoy!



(above) Ultimate frisbee on our first friday evening.





Even our campus “pet”, Rover, wanted in on the action!



We now have a slackline behind the dorm — it is supposed to be great for training balance and strength in all sports. But you can ask Aunt Ruth how dangerous it is when TWO people try it at the same time!



Little Ruth and Tryphene – she always wanted a big sister! (Now she has 7!)






Aunt Ruth and Tryphene — a little bit of girl-time.



Little Ruth found someone who like Littlest Petshop – Suji!



Here is the creative solution to being stuck-in-the-mud — and it actually worked! Our van got stuck as we ventured out to view the Pleides Meteor shower on Saturday night. Alas, no meteors were seen, but the dorm family bonded in our first survival experience! Thanks to John’s excellent French speaking, the creativity of positive-thinking Nigeriens, and a rescue by fellow missionary friends, the experience was redeemed!



Daniel’s birthday was a blast — he invited two friends and this is the birthday table (his hallmates and two friends).







Daniel’s hallmates set the tables for the meal — and decided to arrange them in the shape of a “D”. Creative, eh?


Well, that is a glimpse of our first week or so! We look forward to many more to come!

A tout’a’leure! (See you later)

– Dorm Mom (Aunt Nikki)

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

Playing Ultimate frisbee on our first friday night!


A few photos…

I have a few photos from the end of last year — wanted to finally share them, as the new school year is about to begin!

YunIn took a big step of faith — baptism! His heartfelt words of love and commitment to Jesus Christ were an inspiration to all of us. Way to go YunIn!

The big soccer game, where the staff donned their sports’ clothes to compete with the students. Great competition!

Aunt Ruth planned Girls’ Night — games, karaoke, yummy food, and bonding activities like this: here we are sharing special things we appreciate about each other.

We each received a bowl and signed everyone else’s bowl with colored sharpies! What a memory! Thanks Aunt Ruth! (The creative genius in our leadership team!)

Not the greatest photography here…but the last chapel was a huge highlight!


Well, just a few pictures, but another reminder of a great school year.

(Now it’s time to start another one…)


Culture Day 2012

Here are some photos from Sahel Academy’s Culture Day This past Spring. The students can tell you how much effort went into the whole day! Each culture hosted a room, where they shared foods, songs, dances, stories and unique facts about their culture. I hope you enjoy these photos!

Dorm Survivor Day 2012!

May 1, 2012 was an ordinary holiday for most students in Niamey.

Not so for the family living in the Sahel Dorm!

For the Sahel Dorm family, this day was full of competition, face paint, cook-fires, water-slides, drenching loved ones, gorging on donuts-hung-by-strings, mango-covered faces, songs inspired by bronze horse statues, deli-style sandwiches, doggy-paddling, expert belly flopping, and as if that wasn’t enough…(breathe!)….Olympic calibre synchronized water dancing! INCREDIBLE!

Here are some photos to remember the day…

Team “Blue Fire” showing their strength

Creating a team flag!

Team Blue Fire catches on fire!

Drenching Uncle Tim!

YunIn leading team Aztec Horses to victory!

Girl Power!

Uncle Tim and Aunt Janice got soaked for the sake of their teams!

Amy proudly showcases the inspiration behind the Aztec Horses!

The slip and slide challenge!

Water balloon fight!!!!

The Donut-on-a-string Challenge!

The Mango Eating (with hands behind your back) Challenge!

Aunt Ruth officiating the final weights for the mango eating…

Our final events took place at the Gawaye Pool!

The whole dorm family!

Our day ended after dinner with a video slideshow and prizes for everyone! Phew — everyone was exhausted but satisfied. Thanks everyone for such a memorable day!

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